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House of Hope, Howe Community Resource Center, and Literacy Green Bay have worked together to create a brighter, better Green Bay for all its residents.

House of Hope
House of Hope provides a safe and supportive place where young parents and children experiencing homelessness will become confident, independent, and successful members of our community. House of Hope programming eliminates barriers to success and helps create healthy families who will go on to live and succeed in a nurturing and stable environment. Our vision is for every child to know what it is to have a home.

Howe Community Resource Center
Howe Community Resource Center (HCRC), in partnership with Howe Elementary School, builds a strong and resilient community through education and support to children and their families.

The Center lives our mission by providing services to Howe Elementary School children and families as well as providing parenting education and support to young at-risk families in Brown County. Building relationships is key to our work. Whether we are building relationships at Howe School or in our parenting program, it is trust that must be established between our staff and the children and families. As a result of building relationships and trust, we are able to work positively together.

Literacy Green Bay
Literacy Green Bay is a nonprofit organization that provides valuable resources and programming to English-language learners, GED students, immigrants seeking citizenship, and other adults in search of fundamental literacy services to help improve their lives. They are given the educational tools they need to become engaged, self-sufficient parents, employees and community members. Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of poverty by advancing the education and skills of adults, who will be better equipped to provide for their families and instill a strong value of education in their children.  We accomplish this through the efforts of volunteers, students, and staff, as well as appropriate resources, facilities and funding.  We also promote awareness of the importance of literacy in the community, and collaborate with other agencies and literacy providers to facilitate the effective delivery of services.

Nonprofit Course Partners

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